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2023 Kells Anglers AGM

AGM 2023

For the first time in a number of years we will be having an in-person AGM on the 26th of February at 3pm in the Kells Handball Club, Church Lane, Kells, Co, Meath, A82 V9R0. There is ample parking close by in the public car park across from SuperValu.

Since this is the first AGM in a number of years we would love to see as many members as possible. The competitions are running this year too and the dates and places will be on the club website during the week at If you have any cups can you please give them to a committee member at the AGM or as soon as possible.

Currently closed sections of the Kells Blackwater

Map of the river can be seen here

  • [Map Mark 10] At Maudlin Bridge upstream of the bridge is closed. This area is closed to all entry.
  • [Map Mark 8] The lane is too close to homes and is being worked on by the land owner, therefore this section is closed to parking, but fishing is permitted on foot.

Renewing your membership
To streamline membership, we would ask where possible to renew your membership either by PayPal or with a bank transfer (Details below). When paying through bank transfer please email or text 0877809946 to let us know you have paid so they can be tracked. Where this is not possible you can also drop your membership off to any committee member. Membership fees will be the same as last year.. Membership renewal is €50 for senior members, €1 for junior members and €10 for the over 70s. The new member fee to €200for the first year only. We use this money to fund the juniors but currently we have reasonable reserves so we felt it was time to lower the fee. If you know of anyone who would like to join please forward them on to any committee member.
This year all membership cards can be collected at the AGM but if you would prefer they can be posted to the renewing or new members on receipt of payment. So, once you have paid please email and we will get them out as soon as possible.
Please remember to carry your membership card with you at all times while at the river. You can be asked for it by a committee member or land owner at any time.
Send payments to, you do not need a PayPal account to send money.
IBAN – IE48BOFI90344525115779
Bank Identifier (BIC) – BOFIIE2DXXX
Bank Name – Bank of Ireland
Bank Address – Kells, Co. Meath

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