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Kells Anglers Association Covid-19 Statement

Kells Anglers Association - Covid-19 Statement

Please be aware the river bailiffs will be monitoring the river and may ask for your permit or membership. Please take no offence.

During the current emergency the Kells Anglers Association have decided to put some temporary rules in place to protect the health of our members, day permit holders, the people of Kells and surrounding town lands.

  1. When on the river people should adhere to HSE guidelines on social distancing. In general you should fish no closer than 20m from any other person.
  2. If traveling to the river by car to fish, you should only travel with people you currently live with, otherwise please travel in separate cars.
  3. Where possible day tickets should be bought online.
  4. If possible membership should be renewed online by bank transfer and the membership form should be filled in at Your membership will then be sent in the post to your home.
  5. Some sections of the river will be closed to the public during the current emergency at the request of the land owner. This must be followed, failure to do so will result in day permits being canceled and members may find their membership canceled. The list of closed sections is listed below and will be updates as needed. This is a temporary measure and will be lifted when appropriate.
  6. All competitions are postponed until further notice.
  7. All committee meetings will be done remotely until HSE guidelines allow otherwise.

Please look after yourselves during the covid-19 outbreak, if you need any further information please call +353-87-9495175  or email

Inland Fisheries Ireland Covid-19 Statement

IFI angling guidelines that have been issued are to facilitate those that wish to take angling as their brief exercise while at all times following Government and HSE guidelines relating to social distancing.

IFI offers further clarification as follows:

  1. Fish in a location less than or equal to 5km from your home
  2. If traveling by car to fish, please travel only in your car.
  3. Fish only where you have permission to fish  – do not enter into private fisheries
  4. Use only legal methods
  5. Where you intend to fish club waters, check that they are open for fishing ( even if they are within 5km, they may not be open).

Currently closed sections of the Kells Blackwater

All locations are referenced to the map below

  1. [Map Mark 10] At Maudlin Bridge upstream of the bridge is closed. This area is closed to all entry.
  2. [Map Mark 8] The lane is too close to homes and therefore this section is closed to fishing.
  3. [Map Mark 3] This is directly bordering a home and is used as direct access to a farm. This area is closed to fishing.
Kells Blackwater Access Map

General Rules

Fishing is our escape, somewhere to step away from the news cycle and gain some sense of normality. We need to pull together now and protect our nature, our wildlife, our local spaces so that we continue to have somewhere beautiful, natural and available to all the people to enjoy.
Plan Ahead – Check weather, bring proper clothing and footwear, water and food. Park and walk responsibly.
Expect Closures – Before leaving home, consider lack of usual facilities such as toilets, shops, cafes, restaurants and some sections of the river.
Stay Home – Feeling unwell? Don’t go!
Be Considerate: Maintain social distancing throughout the day.
Time and Place: Find those hidden gems, avoid peak times, avoid difficult routes. Adhere to HSE guidelines.
Leave No Trace: Don’t rely on or add to already overburdened services. Bring your own rubbish home.

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