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Kells Anglers Juniors at the 16th World Youth Fly Fishing Championship

Congratulations to Gerard McLoughlin and Brendan Heaney from the Kells Anglers Association for taking part in the 16th World Youth Fly Fishing Championships in Slovakia. It is a credit to the lads and the club to have two members make the Irish team.

Brendan came in 14th with 35 fish, with his largest being 550mm. The Irish team came in an over all 10th place with the second largest fish at 621mm.

Well done to both of the lads for doing the club and country proud.

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Wffc2017 03
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Wffc2017 12
Wffc2017 11
Wffc2017 10
Wffc2017 09
Wffc2017 08
Wffc2017 07
Wffc2017 06
Wffc2017 05
Wffc2017 04
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