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Membership of the Kells Anglers Association

Membership of the Kells Anglers Association is open to all. To join Kells Anglers please fill in the form below or you can contact us at

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    Senior Member

    Annual Membership Renewal: €50.00

    First year of Membership: €200.00

    Junior Member

    Annual Membership Renewal: €1.00

    First year of Membership: €1.00

    Over 70s Member

    Annual Membership Renewal: €10.00

    First year of Membership: €100.00

    You can pay your membership through your online banking to the following IBAN/BIC. Please either fill in the form above or email with the details of the payment.

    Kells Anglers Bank Details

    IBAN – IE48BOFI90344525115779
    Bank Identifier (BIC) – BOFIIE2DXXX
    Bank Name – Bank of Ireland
    Bank Address – Kells

    Rules and Bye-laws of The Association

    1. The Object of the Association is the preservation of Salmon and Trout in such portions of the River Blackwater as may be acquired by the Association from time to time
    2. Fishing with rod and line only permitted.
    3. All trout under 12 inches measuring from tip of snout to fork of tail must be returned uninjured to the water.
    4. Members may use only only one rod at any one time while fishing for trout or salmon
    5. Chantuler and minnow fishing for trout or Salmon  is strictly forbidden by the club.
    6. Membership card and badge must be carried by all members while fishing in the preserves of the association and must be produced for inspection on demand by a riparian owner or any official or member of the association.
    7. Members must not damage any crops, meadow or fences adjoining the river.
    8. Members must comply with all the rules  of the Association and Statutes  regulating fishing in Eire and with any other bylaws affecting the said river.

    Members not abiding by the above rules will automatically lose membership of the club

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