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Kells Anglers

The Kells Anglers Association was established in 1893 and own the fishing rights of circa 14 miles of the Blackwater River from its source at Lough Ramor to Kells, Co. Meath. A medium size river it has some of the premier Wild Brown Trout fishing in Ireland. It has a wonderful stock of trout from ½lb to 1½lb, with trout caught each year between 2–5lb. In 2004 a record trout of 10lb was caught on dryfly.

From 1st March to 30th September trout can be caught on Wetfly, Dryfly, Nymph and Streamer. Each year, the Association hold a number of Junior competitions and fly fishing lessons. Parents are welcome to help with the barbecue while the children are supervised catching a number of fish species, including, Trout, Perch, Roach and Bream.

The association has developed a number of spawning streams for both trout and salmon, which has dramatically increased the number of rod caught salmon.

All in all, the Kells Blackwater and the surrounding area is a true mecca for fishing, from the complete beginner to the expert angler.

Large Dark Olive (Rthondani), Pale Watery (baetis bioculatus), Medium Olive (baetis tenax) , Blue Winged Olive (ephemerella ignite) , Yellow Evening Dun, (ephemerella notata) and Yellow May Dun (heptagenia sulphurea).

Grey Flag ( Hydropsyche pellucidula), Small Red Sedge (tinodes waeneri), Silverhorns (Leptacerus-mystacides), Carperer ( halesus rodiatus) and Cinnamon (stenophylax stallatus).

Alder (sialis lutaria), Hawthorn (bibio marci), Black Gnat (bibio johannis) Reed Smuts (simulium) and a whole range of Midge (chironomids). Important invertebrate in abundance are shrimp (gammarus pulex) and Molluscs (phylum mollosca).

Entomology of the Blackwater

Like many Limestone Rivers in Ireland the Kells Blackwater has all the usual invertebrates one would expect to find in high alkaline waters. The three main species, Epheremoptera, Tricoptera and Diptera, with a small number of Plectoptrea Present.

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