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2021 Committee/AGM Update

Dear Member,

Well, another year has passed and what a strange year it has been. We hope you and yours have managed to get through what can only be described as a very difficult year. Since we are still in level 5 Covid-19 restrictions, it has been decided that this years AGM will not be able to go ahead. It has also been decided that the current committee will stay in place unit we are able to hold the next AGM. We will try to lay out what has happened with the club this year and what the continuing restrictions will mean for the upcoming season. Although there will be no AGM for 2021 we would like you to feel free to email any questions or comments you may have and where appropriate we will circulate the questions and answers later in the season.


Current Regulations

The following are the current recommendations to comply with government regulations for Covid-19.

  • The club would ask that all members respect the current government regulations while fishing the club’s waters, remember you are not just representing yourself you are also representing the club while on the river.
  • You should only travel within the distance prescribed by current regulations, which at this time this is 5km.
  • When on the river people should adhere to government guidelines on social distancing. In general, you should fish no closer than 20m from any other person.
  • If traveling to the river by car to fish, you should only travel with people you currently live with, otherwise please travel in separate cars.
  • Where possible day tickets should be bought online.
  • If possible, membership should be renewed online by bank transfer and the membership form should be filled in at Your membership will then be sent in the post to your home.
  • Some sections of the river will be closed to the public during the current restrictions at the request of the land owner. This must be followed, failure to do so will result in day permits being cancelled and members may find their membership cancelled. The list of closed sections is listed below and will be updated as needed. This is a temporary measure and will be lifted when appropriate.
  • All competitions are postponed until further notice.
  • All committee meetings will be done remotely until HSE guidelines allow otherwise.


Currently closed sections of the Kells Blackwater

  • [Map Mark 10] At Maudlin Bridge upstream of the bridge is closed. This area is closed to all entry.
  • [Map Mark 8] The lane is too close to homes and therefore this section is closed to fishing.
  • [Map Mark 3] This is directly bordering a home and is used as direct access to a farm. This area is closed to fishing.
Kells Blackwater Access Map

Renewing your membership

To minimise contact we would ask where possible to renew your membership either by PayPal or with a bank transfer (Details below). When paying through bank transfer please include your name in the narrative, and please email or text 0877809946 to let us know you have paid so they can be tracked. Where this is not possible you can also drop your membership off to any committee member.

For many people the past year has been difficult from a working perspective and as such we know that there may be club members for whom the membership fee could be used for other more pressing matters. For this year we will be sending memberships directly to all members who were paid up for last season. If you are unable to pay for your membership and you were fully paid up last year there is no need to contact anyone as you will be automatically marked as paid in full for the 2021 season.


Send payments to, you do not need a PayPal account to send money.


IBAN – IE48BOFI90344525115779

Bank Identifier (BIC) – BOFIIE2DXXX

Bank Name – Bank of Ireland

Bank Address – Kells


Club News

Last year was a difficult year and we only managed to get one river clean-up done early in the season. Hopefully we can get some clean-up and river access work done this season. There has been no in-stream work done in the past year and as the planning is a long process there will be no in-stream works this season either. Hopefully some in-stream work will get done in 2022.

Ciaran has been very busy dealing with a number of planning applications for housing close to the river that have flawed sewerage planning. This of course will lead to a possible danger to the water quality of the river.

The local committee members have been monitoring the river regularly during the past year and with the reduced work and travel there have only been minor issues. We would encourage club members who are able to make it to the river to keep and eye out and report any issues or dumping to a committee member.

Many members didn’t manage to get much time at the river last season and the same may apply for a number of months of this season. We would love to see the catches of anyone who can make it to the river. You can send them to the club by email at or on Instagram or twitter @kellsanglers. We would love to see your photos for those members who are too far from the river to wet a line.

2020 Fishing Season

Fishing was difficult this year when it was possible to fish. Worrying the fly life was at lower levels than normal and this will have to be monitored this season. The fishing was difficult with little dry fly fishing available. Peter Strong had a trout of 3.5lb during the season, and Ciaran O’Kelly had a salmon of 5lb on the river. Hopefully the fishing will be better this season.

The club and committee would like to wish you tight lines for the 2021 season. Hopefully we can all stop for a socially distanced chat along the river bank this season. If you need any information during the year in relation to regulations or river access, please feel free to contact any committee member.

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