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World Youth Fly Fishing Championship – River Reports

A little local knowledge always helps, the reports below are the latest river reports of the competition rivers.


Report Date: August 9, 2015

Current Conditions
Flows are clear and droppinh on the Colorado and the fishing hes been steady. Water clarity is very good around State Bridge and Pumphouse. With current river flows under 1300 cfs  and dropping bugs are still hatching and the trout are eating. The best fishing is happening early in the mroning and again in the evening with hot, windy weather on some afternoons. Float fishing is the best option here and wade fishermem should seek out drop offs and riffles. Look for hatching PMDs, some caddis and lots of terrestrials like ants and hoppers. The upper Colorado near Pumphouse is offering the best fishing. The lower river is now clear and fishable below Glenwood Springs. At Pumphouse try big attractor dry flies, PMDs and hopper patterns.

Guide Tip: Hopper dropper rigs are starting to produce very well!
Recommended Flies:
Dries: PMD Parachute #18, Royal, Yellow or Peacock PMX#12-16, Tan or Purple Chubby Chernobyl #2-6,

Nymphs: Performace PT #14-20, Fly Formerly Known as Prince #12-16, Quasimodo PT#16, Twenty Incher #10-14, Barr PMD  Emerger #16-20, Micromayfly brown or olive #18-20

Streamers: Bite-Me Buggers in brown and black,Tequeely, Olive Buggers, Autumn Spendor, Cream Home Invader


Report Date: August 9, 2015

Current Conditions
The fishing on the Eagle is outstanding and flows are dropping. Unfortunately, Float season on the Eagle is now over. We may get a short window of floating with the return of some monsooons but now we are wading the Eagle and the dry fly action is absolutely incredible with  a linerging caddis hatch followed up with PMDs, BWOs, Tricos and midges. Flows are now ideal for wade fishing and the trout will eat a variety of nymph patterns as well as small attractor dry flies.Try nymphing with small mayfly nymphs and midge  emergers. For dry fky anglers,  small terrestrials are beginning to become a factor on the Eagle. The small royal PMX and Renegade have been unbeatable.

Guide Tip: Foam ants and small hoppers are now on the menu! The trout  are also eating tiny midge emergers.

Recommended Files

Nymphs: Black and gray Sparkle RS-2, Olive WD-40, Guide’s Choice Olive #12-18,Soft hackles,Barr’s PMD Emerger, Quasimodo, Tan/Brown Pat’s Rubberlegs, Hunchback PMD

Dries: Foam Tan caddis, Black Foam Ants, Tan Elk Hair Caddis, Royal PMX, PMD Foam Parachute #18, Patriot, Renegade

Streamers: Vanilla Bugger, Sculpzilla ,Olive Near-Nuff Sculpin

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